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Govt. goes ahead with impeachment

The government is determined to go ahead with the debate on the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake on January 10 and 11 despite the Supreme Court determination that the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) is unconstitutional, Daily Mirror learns.It is learnt that in the wake of the court ruling, the government is seeking an immediate dismissal of the Chief Justice by adopting with a simple majority a resolution based on findings by the PSC.The ruling party seeks to conduct parliamentary business on two extra days — January 10 and 11– to debate the PSC report that was handed over to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa last month. A party leaders’ meeting will be held next Monday on this matter. Earlier, the parliamentary sittings were scheduled for January 8 and 9 but with the latest situation that had arisen after the Supreme Courts determination, the government is seeking two extra sittings for the month.However, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) MP Vijitha Herath who was a PSC member said it was unlawful for Parliament to have such a debate after the Supreme Court determination based on the interpretation of the Constitution.“The Supreme Court has clearly questioned the constitutionality of the PSC. On this basis, it is unlawful to have a debate. That is our stand,” he said.United National Party (UNP) Vice President Lakshman Kiriella who was also a PSC member said if the government went ahead with the impeachment process disregarding the court ruling, it would tantamount to a suicidal mission.“It is advisable for the government to take a step back and avoid a crisis between the Judiciary and the Legislature. Sri Lanka has a legislative system that is more than 175 years old.  The government should not compromise the country’s reputation. Former Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake and the leftist allies of the government also made the same suggestion. It is important to listen to them,” he said.

Author: TELO Admin