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Group Hoist ‘Sinhale’ Flag At Magul Maduwa, Kandy

A tense situation was reported yesterday when a group of people including few Buddist monks, tried to remove the Sri Lankan National Flag hoisted inside of Sri Dalada Maligawa by force.
Instead of the ‘Lion Flag’ the mob tried to hoist the ‘Sinhale Flag’ near Magul Maduwa (Assembly Hall) at Dalada Maligawa.
Magul Maduwa is the place where the ‘Kandyan Convention’ was signed in 1815. Two hundred years ago,on that day (March 02, 1815) Wariyapola Sumangala Thera took down the Union Jack and re-hosted the lion flag.
The group that created disturbance today said that they came for the remembrance of the incident in 1815. According to them the current National Flag is not the real flag of Sri Lanka.
Many ‘national organizations’ including Bodu Bala Sena have declared that the country’s name should be changed to ‘Sinhale’ instead of Sri lanka and two vertical stripes of equal size in green and saffron also should be removed from the national flag.


Author: TELO Media Team 1