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Alliance appeal, India’s policy should be changed.

Tamil National Alliance Parliament Member Suresh Premachandran said Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is not existence; hence India should expedite to change its policy concerning Sri Lanka according to the current situation.He further said, India secretively and openly supported Sri Lanka at the war against the tigers. Meanwhile war came to an end, but concerning the settlement of Tamil society’s crisis, Sri Lanka has violated the assurances given to the Indian leaders. Sri Lanka was emboldened vis-a-vis the democratic world because of the support it gets from China.“They (the regime) don’t care about the US and Europe, and they say they can manage India too, “They feel that with China with them, they can manage the UN too.”The government says they are building infrastructure there but that only amounts to building roads and providing electricity to military camps. The Tamil villages don’t get any benefits.All the Tamils are suspected. “Those who were with the Liberation tigers are being re-arrested after release. There are military checkpoints everywhere. The government virtually wants to drive away the Tamil youths. ““When we say all this, people say the TNA is exaggerating. But we are not.”According to Premachandran, Sri Lanka’s Northern Province was now like a Palestine – “an occupied territory”.Premachandran said personally, I fail to see how South Africa can achieve what it has set out to achieve,” he said. “We feel Sri Lanka are doing all this just to make the international community believe they are serious about resolving political issues.“The harsh reality is the Sri Lankan government is not sincere about talking to the Tamil representatives. They don’t want to talk to us.“They keep telling us to talk to resolve political issues. But the committee appointed is dominated by Sinhalese parties, and they will never agree to anything we suggest. Frankly, the government is not serious about a dialogue.

Author: TELO Admin