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TNA members to visit South Africa on Jan27

TNA parliamentarians headed by Sambanthan scheduled to visit South Africa on January 27.During three day visit group comprising ITAK President R.Sambanthan, ITAK General secretary Mawai Senathiraja,EPRLF Leader  Suresh Premachchandran, ITAK M.A.Sumandiran and TELO President Selvam Adaikalanadan would study about South Africa’s experiences on the ethnic issue and reconciliation presses, TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said.According to the MP this visit was under taken on an invitation from South African political parities which the TNA met during last year’s visit to that country for the Centenary day celebration of the African National Congress.With the ending of Apartheid, after years of struggle by the African National Congress, the process of reconciliation commenced and was completed successfully.The Sri Lankan Government had however failed to resolve of the Tamil National issue, after the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009, before attempting any reconciliation. The Sri Lankan government had miscalculated if it believed that it could bring forward genuine reconciliation by merely taking Tamil people to the South and the Sinhalese people to the North, Premachandran said.

Author: TELO Admin