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Sri Lanka Tamil party leader accuses government of changing demographics in north east

Sri Lanka’s major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TELO,ITAK,EPRLF,TULF and PLOTE) says the government’s response to concerns raised by the international community has neither been genuine nor honest.TNA Leader R. Sampanthan has said the government most regrettably seems to think that by persistently engaging in denials and adopting tactics of delay and evasion it could avoid the fulfilment of its commitments and obligations.”Most regrettably also, the time and space that the government seeks is not to fulfill its commitments and obligations but rather to fulfill its own agenda, which is to change the demographic composition of the North and East Provinces further and dilute and alter the cultural and linguistic identity of those areas. This in my view seems to be the primary objective of the government in seeking more time and space,” he has observed.Referring to the government’s action in post war Sri Lanka, Sampanthan has noted that it is most disappointing.He has said that an opportunity that presented itself after the conclusion of the armed conflict has been frittered away.He has explained that military triumphalism, majoritarianism and political expediency have taken precedence over a genuine effort to bring about reconciliation based upon justice and equality amongst the different peoples who inhabit Sri Lanka.”The government also seems determined to continue to portray the existence of yet another military threat in order to justify its approach to governance. It’s a fiction, which the government seems determined to sustain because it can provide some justification to its approach to governance. The Tamil people on the other hand, by and large the vast majority of them, whether they live in this country or abroad, do not want to return to violence and are committed to reaching an acceptable, reasonable, workable, and durable political solution that would enable them to live as equals in the country,” Sampanthan has said.As for whether the current government would be able to deliver a lasting solution to the ethnic issue, the TNA Leader has said that it would not happen in the way they are now performing.”I am sorry to state that I do not think that the present government is genuinely committed to the resolution of the conflict based upon democracy, justice and equality. The government, I think, is committed to pursuing policies that are politically expedient based upon narrow sectarian agendas that would enable it to continue in power,” Sampanthan has said.He has added that the government does not attach any importance whatsoever to value the principles clearly demonstrated by the purported impeachment of the Chief Justice and the scuttling of the independent commissions such as the Elections Commission, Human Rights Commission, Judicial Service Commission, Public Service Commission, National Police Commission, Bribery Commission and the appointments to the higher judiciary  all of which are clearly indicative of the government working on an agenda which is not in the best interests of the country.

Author: TELO Admin