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The official channel of the TELO, a Sri Lanka political party. TELO Official Videos includes Party members Speeches, Party Activities, Online Campaign, Activities and more. Our website address is: https://telo.org/.

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For business enquiries: telomediateam@gmail.com

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YouTube API Services 

D (Accessing YouTube API Services) (link)
Policy #: III.D.1.c (link)
[Confirm] Please confirm if you use multiple project numbers for the given API Client. If
so, please provide all the related project numbers.
A (API Client Terms of Use and Privacy Policies) (link)
Policy #: III.A.1.2.b,c (link)
● Violation:
○ No reference to YouTube Terms of Service (ToS) in API Client’s ToS.
○ No notification in Privacy Policy saying that the API Client uses YouTube API
○ No reference/link to Google privacy policy.
Proposed Solution: API Client must display a link to YouTube’s Terms of Service,
reference and link to the Google Privacy Policy, and must also mention a notification in
privacy policies saying that the API Client uses YouTube API Services.

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