Ambassador Julie wants more reforms in Srilanka

US Ambassador Julie Chung says much more needs to be done in Sri Lanka to strenghten good governance and anti-corruption initiatives to achieve economic recovery.

“The job isn’t over yet. More needs to be done to improve good governance and anti-corruption efforts, and these improvements will help to create new opportunities for both Sri Lankan and American businesses, help the country recover from this crisis, and boost economic growth,” she said speaking at the AmCham Ball in Colombo.

She went on to say that the United States, and AmCham, believed that a vibrant and prosperous economy was built by including and drawing on the diverse skills of all members of society, adding that they have done their part to help empower the aspiring businesswomen of Sri Lanka. Guaranteeing equal opportunities to women in the workforce is not only a social justice issue, but also an economic one. Research has shown that when more women participate in the labour force, economies grow faster and are more resilient to shocks.

This is because women bring new perspectives and skills to the table that lead to innovation and new opportunities.

I have travelled all throughout Sri Lanka, meeting such inspiring women who work hard to overcome the challenges to maintain and improve their livelihoods. Whether its young women, starting a tech company at Yarl IT Hub (in Jaffna), or mothers working rice paddies in the Northcentral Province, to feed their families, and fellow Sri Lankans.

Despite the current challenges and brain drain concerns, many are determined to stay here and help build up their country. They have not given up. It’s in this spirit of resilience and optimism that I am so grateful to AmCham for its efforts to ensure economic opportunities exist for all Sri Lankans.