Another meeting next week to discuss the LG election

Another decisive meeting is scheduled to be held next week to discuss the impending Local Authorities Election.

A spokesperson of the Election Secretariat informed NewsRadio that several factions are expected to meet on Wednesday to deliberate on the steps needed to conduct the election.

Meanwhile, earlier it was reported the National Election Commission had decided convene a meeting with Secretaries of recognized political parties on the 23rd of March.

Moreover, Postal voting for the 2023 Local Authorities Election is likely to be delayed once again.

According to the Election Secretariat, ballot papers for postal voting are yet to be released to the Election Commission by the Department of Government Printing.

The Election Commission had planned to handover the ballot papers to the Postal Department for distribution to relevant centres on Tuesday.

The Commission had announced that postal voting for the 2023 Local Authorities Election will be held from the 28th to the 31st of March.

Although, the Department of Government Printing had commenced printing documents related to the election and ballot papers, due to lack of funds, the process has been suspended.

The Department has indicated that it has not received the requested funds from the Ministry of Finance thus far.

The Local Authorities Election was scheduled to be held on the 9th of March.

However it was postponed due to the delay in printing ballot papers and owing to lack of funds.