Australia, India must work together for betterment of Indo-Pacific – Australian Deputy PM

Australia has reiterated its support for Sri Lanka, which is facing its worst economic crisis and is on the verge of an economic collapse amid shortages of food, fuel, and electricity.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Richard Marles who is in India told ‘India Today’ that the South Asian powerhouse is the guide for Australia to help Sri Lanka.

“Our home affairs minister is in Sri Lanka at this moment seeking to look at ways in which Australia can help Sri Lanka at this moment. India is the guide and we want to be helping there within the framework of the assistance that India is giving and to make sure that we’re working closely with India in terms of how we can help Sri Lanka,” he said.

Commenting on the Chinese Debt Trap, the Deputy Prime Minister said that Australia and India need to work together for the betterment of other countries.

“I think you are right to use the term debt trap. We’ve seen that kind of relationship built by China with countries in the pacific and with the same consequence and it highlights I think the need for or the opportunity for Australia and India to work together for the betterment of a whole lot of countries within the Indo-Pacific,” he added.

Courtesy: India Today