Be careful what you wish for – warns President

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa warned to revoke the civic rights to those responsible for the 2019 Easter Attacks by an act of parliament.

“If necessary we can take action to ensure they do not repeat those offenses,” he said while slamming the Yahapalana Government (2015 – 2019) for showing no regard to national security, and eventually being held accountable for failing to prevent the 2019 Easter Sunday Attacks.

“They ruined the intelligence services and demoralized the military power by imprisoning war heroes,” he told a gathering on Wednesday (24), after opening the New Kelani Bridge in Colombo.

He said the Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed by the previous government clearly mentions those who need to be held responsible, from the President, Prime Minister to the entire Cabinet of Ministers.

President Rajapaksa said his government has a 2/3 majority, and the government is prepared to revoke the civil rights of those accountable for the attacks.

“If you are demanding for something, be careful what you wish for,” he said.

He also questioned if the present opposition is the alternative to replace him and his government, while noting that he proved the critics wrong that he would not win without the votes of the minorities and also a 2/3 majority in parliament.