Election Commission urges prompt action on LG polls

In a bid to resolve ongoing electoral issues and ensure the smooth functioning of local governance, the Election Commission has urged the government to hold the Local Government elections as early as possible.

This was discussed and conveyed in a recent meeting held between election commission officials and Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

During the meeting, the Election Commission also presented the Prime Minister with options for the upcoming Provincial Council elections.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, Election Commission Chairman R.M.A.L. Rathnayake highlighted that these elections could be held under either the existing system or a newly demarcated system, providing flexibility to accommodate various logistical and administrative considerations.

The discussion also focused on the hurdles impeding the Provincial Council elections.

The Commission underscored the need for specific legislative amendments to the Local Government Election Law, which would streamline the electoral process and address current challenges.

By advocating for these changes, the Election Commission emphasized the importance of timely and effective electoral procedures to uphold democratic principles and ensure robust local governance.