Ex-police chief sounds warning over possible violent political uprising

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Chandra Fernando says that it cannot be expected that the political groups who have engaged in violent political activities in the past will not resume such activities in the future.

He stated this while speaking during a press conference held today (13), with the participation of other retired high-ranking police officers including former IGPs and DIGs.

Fernando further stated that although the government carried out rehabilitation programmes to a large extent after the 1971 insurrection and though everyone believed that the insurrection would end with that, unfortunately, the violence returned in 1989 “destroying lives and properties in the country.”

“We then thought it was all over, but unfortunately, 91 houses were destroyed in one night on the 9th of May, 2022 by an organized group. Therefore when things like this happen, will this not happen in the future as well?” he said.