Has ex-minister Nasir Ahmed taken 20 crore government vehicles home?

Naseer Ahmed, who lost his position as a Member of Parliament due to a court decision,

Some social media have reported that he used two luxury jeeps used during his tenure as the Minister of Environment and used them for his personal use without returning them.

According to the media reports, these two vehicles worth nearly 20 crore rupees are two official vehicles issued to the minister by the government.

Some media reports also state that the Ministry of Environment has complained to the Mirihana Special Crime Investigation Unit regarding the non-handover of these two vehicles.

He replied that the two vehicles have been handed over to the Presidential Secretariat. But it is also mentioned in the media reports that the vehicles have not been handed over to the Presidential Secretariat till now.

True – no!

In this regard, when we asked a senior officer of the President’s Office, he said that he has arranged to hand over the two cars bearing numbers CAU-4118, CAS-9010 assigned to the duties of former Environment Minister Nasir Ahmed to the President’s Office on 08.11.2023. .

Accordingly, the officer said that the jeeps numbered CAU-4118 and CAS-9010 handed over to the President’s Office have been used for the essential duties of the President’s Office.

A letter sent by Buddhika Jayatissa, Senior Assistant Secretary (Transport) to the President informing the Secretary of the Ministry of Environment in this regard states:


Source:The Leader.LK