If there is no election, there is no democracy – Mahinda Deshapriya

Former Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya has deemed the postponement of the Local Government (LG) election a ‘crime’ which affects the country’s democracy.

Speaking on the 2023 LG polls, Deshapriya stated that the postponement of the LG polls should not be justified under any circumstances, adding that it was a sorrowful situation that no country should face.

Deshapriya said he expects that the election will have taken place at least by World Youth Day in August, or on the International Day of Democracy in September.

“The problem being faced now is how this issue can be resolved. However the answer to this lies with the Election Commission, the Finance Ministry and the Treasury. Neither the media, us nor the public have the answers to this problem”, he said.

The former Chairman further noted that the postponement posed a threat to democracy, stating that if there is no election, this implies that there is no democracy.

“Democracy is inclusive of several factors, including economic freedom, cultural freedom, religious freedom and other fundamental rights. In fact, if there is no election, there is no democracy”.