Israeli Airline allowed to commence operations to SL under two conditions

The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval for Israeli Airline, Arkia Airlines to commence operations in Sri Lanka.

According to Minister of Tourism Harin Fernando, this was a long-awaited decision as earlier the airline was not permitted to operate in Sri Lanka over security reasons.

As the airline generally travels with two armed guards, the airline was not permitted to operate in Sri Lanka previously, he pointed out.

Minister Fernando stated that, however, the Cabinet has allowed the airline to operate subject to conditions.

The Israeli airline will have to follow security protocol standards similar to that of Dubai and Bangkok when establishing its offices in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry should inform Israeli authorities that the authorities of the security personnel on board the flight are limited to security affairs inside the aircraft.

Tourism Minister Harin Fernando further stated that Arkia Airlines will operate direct flights to Sri Lanka.

He also pointed out that at present the number of tourist arrivals from Israel is currently on the rise in Sri Lanka.