Mahanayake Theros concerned over privatization impact

Mahanayake theros of the three sects. have written to President Ranil Wickramasinghe expressing concern that privatizing public resources could jeopardize social stability.

In a letter to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Mahanayake theros advocated for a robust mechanism to safeguard public welfare.

They urge the government to prevent political interference, misuse of resources, corruption, and fraud in public affairs through effective oversight.

However, the letter raises concerns regarding the potential impact of privatizing state enterprises on the Buddhist Sangha’s autonomy.

They question the extent to which such privatization might subject the Sangha to excessive government regulation.

The letter adds that privatizing government institutions like Sri Lanka Telecom and the Ceylon Electricity Board, which are already financially struggling and critical to the national economy, to foreign companies solely focused on profit risks creating significant social, economic, and political instability in the future.

This letter highlights concerns from prominent individuals about the potential consequences of such privatization.

The Mahanayake theros urge the President to consider these matters carefully and refrain from making decisions that could jeopardize public welfare or create national security concerns.

The letter further emphasizes the need to restructure government institutions, arguing that such reforms are crucial for building public trust and securing a positive future for the country.