“National Council” resolution passed without vote

The resolution to constitute the Parliament Committee designated “National Council” in connection with the concept of an all-party Government, which was a major demand that emerged from the people’s protests; the Aragalaya, was passed within the Parliament without a vote on Tuesday (20)

However, several parties objected to the move, stating that it is not a mechanism that fulfills people’s expectations.

According to the resolution passed today, the members of the National Council will be chaired by the Speaker, while the members constitute of the Prime Minister, the Leader of the House of Parliament, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Chief Organizer of the ruling party.

Apart from that, not more than 35 members decided by the Leaders of the political parties should be appointed for the council.

The assembly will be entrusted with setting common priorities to guide the formulation of short, medium and long-term national policies, agreeing on short- and medium-term common minimum programs in relation to economic stabilization and organization of special meetings attended by ministers, chairpersons of special committees and youth observers of youth organizations.

The council will also posses the ability to call reports from current functioning committees.