New outlook needed on 13A – Victor Ivan

Senior journalist Victor Ivan has called for all to set aside racial, religious and other differences and implement the 13th amendment to the constitution if the country is to go forward.

Speaking to the media on 26 July, he said that in doing so, India could be a help and a case in point, where its states have had uneven devolution of powers.

That means devolving powers need not be even, he said, adding that as an experiment, the northern province could be given powers and the developments monitored for a few years.

If successful, other provinces too, could get powers, he noted.

“We need to have a new outlook on this. If that happens in a positive manner for the benefit of the minorities, India and other countries will not interfere in our affairs,” he said.

All parties should be involved in the talks on the devolution of powers, while raising public awareness is crucial and a study made how other countries have done it with success.

Ivan said devolving powers does not mean a division of the country, adding that at least now, this should be resolved intelligently.