No passenger number limitations for flights carrying fully vaccinated passengers

Permission has been granted to all airlines for the carriage of fully vaccinated passengers without any limitation to the number of passengers allowed per flight.

This decision will not apply to restricted countries, the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) stated.

Accordingly, flights arriving in Sri Lanka may carry passengers without any limitations to the number, if the passengers have passed 14 days since full vaccination.

The passengers are required to be in possession of their vaccine certificates.

This will also include passengers arriving for hotel or government quarantine and passengers arriving via the Sri Lanka Tourism Bio Bubble.

However, the limitation of 75 passengers per flight will still apply for passengers not arriving through the Sri Lanka Tourism Bio Bubble and passengers who are not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

This, too, will apply to unvaccinated or half-vaccinated passengers arriving for hotel and government quarantine.