NPP requests election commission to set fresh date for LG election

The National People’s Power (NPP) has requested the Election Commission in writing to immediately set a date to hold the 2023 Local Government (LG) election.

In a letter to the Chairman of the Election Commission, the NPP says that although the LG election was previously announced to be held on March 09, the Election Commission had later notified that the election would not be held on the aforementioned date as a result of the lack of funds to carry out election-related tasks.

However, the NPP’s letter to the commission mentions that the Supreme Court has recently issued an order preventing the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance from withholding the funds allocated for the LG polls through the 2023 Budget.

Accordingly, the Supreme Court has acted considering the importance of holding the Local Government election as a basic human right, NPP General Secretary, Dr. Nihal Abeysinghe said in the letter.

Therefore, the party has requested the Election Commission to make the necessary arrangements to hold the LG election as soon as possible, conforming to the order of the Supreme Court.