PM says elections after economic stability

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says fresh elections can be held once the government manages to establish a firm economic foundation.

In a special statement, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said firstly the economy must be stabilized and then elections can be held.

The Prime Minister noted that once the critical issues are resolved, the public should be given an opportunity to elect 225 suitable representatives to Parliament.

Premier Wickremesinghe said the responsibility and power to elect suitable representatives to Parliament lie with the citizens.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also reiterated the importance of uniting to tackle the financial crisis.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said the world will only assist Sri Lanka if they sense a strong urge and dedication from the people including politicians.

The Premier said politicians and people as a whole must show the world that we are determined to rebuild Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister therefore requested all factions to support the programme taken forward to resolve the issues faced by the country without committing various acts of sabotage.