Several western diplomats in the tour to the north

The envoys of Canada, Norway, and the Netherlands visited Batticaloa and Jaffna today.

Norway’s Ambassador Trine Joranli Eskedal and Dutch ambassador Tanja Gonggrijp attended meetings in Batticaloa and met with state minister S. Viyalendran and District Secretary K. Karunagaran.

“We discussed the longstanding problems and needs of the people in the Eastern Province. I also outlined the development projects carried out by the government,” said S. Viyalendran.

The envoys of Norway and the Netherlands also met with Batticaloa District Secretary K. Karunakaran.

They also met Batticaloa Mayor Thiyagarajah Saravanapavan.

“We discussed matters surrounding the 13th amendment and the projects that are being implemented to transform Batticaloa. We need to apply pressure on the international community to take Sri Lanka to the negotiation table to find a solution for the Tamils. We have also asked for a political solution,” said the Batticaloa Mayor.