Sinhala Mob attacks rally held in remembrance of LTTE member Thileepan

Sinhala Mobs in presence of the police in Trincomalee Today attacked a rally held in remembrance of LTTE member Thileepan.

Vehicles transporting an image of Thileepan came under attack after they were surrounded by a Sinhala mob.

Tamil National People’s Front MP Selvarasa Gajendran led the rally and was on a truck carrying a picture of Thileepan.

A Police officer at the location was seen telling the vehicles to turn back while the mob attacked them using poles and stones.

The mob also attacked MP Selvarasa Gajendran and threatened policemen who attempted to stop the attack.

Rasaiah Parthipan, known as Thileepan, was a Tamil Eelam revolutionary and member of the LTTE.

Thileepan began a hunger strike on 15 September 1987 in front of the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple.

After refusing food or water for 12 days, Thileepan died on 26 September 1987.

After a “martyr’s funeral” in Jaffna, Thileepan’s body was handed over to the University of Jaffna’s medical faculty.