Sri Lanka confirms 2,275 Coronavirus cases, 21 Covid-19 deaths

Sri Lanka has confirmed 2,275 Coronavirus cases, continuing to put pressure on the health system while 21 deaths were reported, and the public was urged to work from home wherever possible.

The total under medical care rose to 21,208 on the morning of May 16 from 19,944 with 1,102 discharged during the day and 2,386 confirmed on May 15.

By the end of the day 23,483 were under medical care.

The 2,275 confirmed of which 2,212 were domestic, came with 27,183 tests being done.

Health authorities have said home management of asymptomatic patients would begin, with the patients asked to go to hospital if they developed pneumonia.

Breathing difficulties were a key indicator of the onset of pneumonia, doctors said.

With the latest deaths, the total went up to 962. Among the dead was a 37 year old man from Bandarawela.

The public urged to stay at home from Monday except for going to the workplace for work which cannot be done from home, with curfew like restrictions in place eleven 2300 hours to 0400 hours.

Public transport and taxis could operate till 2300 hours. Taxis and three wheelers could take two passengers only.

“State and private offices were asked to operate with minimum staff under health regulations,” Deputy Inspector General Ajith Rohana told reporters.

“Workshops, meetings and conference are completely banned. Spas, massage parlours, clubs, parties, reception, beach parties or other night events are halted. Action will be taken against them.

“Yesterday in Welikada police arrested six persons who had been having a party using drugs. We also took into custody the manager of the guest house.”

The public has to go for shopping or other needs based on the last digit of the national identity card. Even if the driving license is used, the ID card number listed is the basis, Rohana said.

Those with a odd last numeral could go out on odd days and those with an even digit or zero could go on even dates.