Sri Lanka’s ‘Mullivaikal Kanji’ Explained

During the ongoing Mullivaikal Remembrance Week, commemorative events including the distribution of Mullivaikal Kanji or Porridge have been conducted across various locations in the Northern region, marking the fifth day of these activities.

What is this commemoration about?

The Mullivaikal Remembrance Week takes place to honor those who lost their lives in the final stages of the Sri Lankan Civil War. The week culminates on 18th May, the date marking the end of the war in 2009.

During this week, various events and ceremonies are held to honor the memory of those who lost their lives during the conflict, especially civilians caught in the crossfire.

These events often include religious services, memorial gatherings, candlelight vigils, and the distribution of symbolic food items like Mullivaikal Kanji or porridge.

This porridge is significant, as it depicts the only meal civilians had during the final week of the war, while trapped in Mullivaikal.

This meal is a mix of rice, and water. Some reports suggest that in the absence of clean water, sea water was used to prepare this meal.