Tamil genocide memorial under construction in Canada

Sri Lankan High Commission in Canada has raised objections to the erection of a monument to commemorate what the Tamil community living there called genocide of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka during the war’, Daily Mirror learns.

The groundbreaking for the construction of this memorial in the municipal area called ‘Brampton’ in the greater Toronto area took place recently.

Despite Sri Lanka’s objection, Daily Mirror learns that Brampton mayor Patrick Brown has granted permission to build a monument to commemorate the lives lost in the Sri Lankan civil war. It is an area with a large concentration of Sri Lankan Tamils.

A top official of the Sri Lankan mission in Ottawa told Daily Mirror that a request for a similar monument had been made to another municipal council, but the mayor had turned it down.

“The LTTE remains a banned organization in Canada. Therefore, extremist activists don’t use the word ‘LTTE’ in any of their activities. They indulge in these activities under different garbs,” the official said.