Tamils vow to forge ahead with the Mullivaikkal commemoration on May 18

The Mullivaikkal Commemoration Committee invited Tamils from across the homeland to gather at the Mullivaikkal Memorial site on May 18, and commemorate the tens and thousands of Tamils massacred by Sri Lankan security forces.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Mullaitivu Press Club, the organisers said that this year will be the 15th year since the end of the armed conflict which saw generations of Tamil families being wiped out, thousands dead, and many still missing to date.

They added that despite the intimidation and threats, all plans are afoot to hold the commemoration this year as they have held it the year before. The event is expected to begin at 7am and be held until noon.

“We urge our people not to bring any items for the commemoration,” said the organisasers. “We will conduct a special service and invite everyone to come by 7am.”

Last year thousands of Tamils gathered at Mullivaikkal to mark the commemoration. A Tamil woman who had lost 13 of her relatives in Mullivaikkal in May 2009 lit a lamp to begin the commemoration event.

This week Tamil women distributing Mullivaikkal kanji in Sampur were arrested and remanded until May 27.