UK will continue to keep Sri Lanka travel advice under close review – Lord Ahmad

Amidst growing pressure to amend its travel advice to Sri Lanka which was deemed “overly harsh”, the United Kingdom (UK) has defended its decision and said it would continue to keep the island nation’s travel advise under close review.

UK’s Minister of State for the Middle East, South Asia, Commonwealth Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon made this remark in the UK Parliament responding to a question raised on plans to update the travel advice to Sri Lanka to reflect the security situation in the country.

He defended the move, saying that the safety of British people is the main factor when determining UK’s travel advice for all countries, including Sri Lanka.

“Our advice is designed to help British people make informed decisions about foreign travel and remains under constant review to ensure it reflects our latest assessment of risks when travelling abroad.

“Our travel advice is based on objective assessments of the risks to British nationals. These assessments are made by drawing on expert sources of information available to the government including local knowledge from our embassies and information provided by the local authorities in each country.”

Earlier this year, leading tourism providers including the Experience Travel Group published an open letter with 35 signatories calling for FCDO advice on Sri Lanka to be amended.

It criticized the mentioning of fuel and food shortages in the country dating back to the 2022 political unrest and continued references to the 2019 terrorist attacks and said the UK the government was “systematically undermining the travel industry” in Sri Lanka.