US calls for strategy by Sri Lanka to implement OHCHR report

The United States (US) has called for a strategy by Sri Lanka to implement the report on Sri Lanka by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Daniel Kronenfeld, from the US mission in Geneva, told the UN Human Rights Council today that the United States shares OHCHR’s concerns and urges Sri Lanka to make public a strategy and timetable for implementation of the report’s recommendations.

He was speaking during the interactive dialogue on the report on Sri Lanka by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), during the 46th Session of Human Rights Council today.

“We are concerned by accounts of increasing marginalization of minority communities and shrinking space for civil society, including independent media,” Kronenfeld said.

He said the US remains concerned about the lack of accountability, including high-level appointments of military officials credibly accused of conflict-era abuses.

Kronenfeld said the Sri Lankan Government’s efforts to address concerns raised in the OHCHR report via a domestic process needs to be meaningful and credible.

“We note that the Sri Lankan Commission of Inquiry does not include a mandate to pursue accountability, and that the Office of Missing Persons and Reparations needs to operate without political interference,” he said.

The US also noted that respect for the human rights of all Sri Lankans is critical to Sri Lanka’s long-term peace, security and prosperity, and called on the Sri Lankan Government to take meaningful, concrete steps to promote accountability, justice, and reconciliation.