Victims of Kumuthini boat massacre remembered 39 years on

The 39th anniversary of the Kumuthini boat massacre was solemnly observed on Delft island today, as people gathered to remember the 36 Tamils who were killed by Sri Lankan naval officers.

On May 15 1985, six plain-clothed Navy officers boarded the boat and pointed a gun at passengers before ordering them to come up to the main deck one by one and shout their name and destination. Each passenger was then hacked to death.

The commemoration took place at a monument on Delft island that is dedicated to the victims.

Religious observances were held at the St. Xavier Church and Veerapathra Pillaiyar Kovil, offering prayers and seeking solace for the souls of the departed. Relatives of the victims, along with religious leaders and members of the general public, laid flowers at a memorial dedicated to the victims who were murdered.