Visiting China Garment Association members meet Sri Lanka firms

A delegation of China National Garment Association has met 12 Sri Lanka firms in a bid to explore potential synergies, the Export Development Board said.

The 30 member CNGA delegation participated in business-to-business (B2B) meetings, factory visits, and dialogues with key governmental institutions.

“The primary objective of this high-level delegation was to bolster existing trade relations and explore fresh avenues of collaboration and invest in the Sri Lankan apparel industry,” the EDB said in a statement.

“The B2B meetings provided a conducive environment for fostering direct dialogue and exploring potential synergies between the Chinese representatives and their Sri Lankan counterparts.

The interactions enhanced mutual understanding, facilitated knowledge sharing, and lay the groundwork for investment opportunities and mutually advantageous partnerships, EDB said.

The CNGA is a leading industry association with over 1,400 major members and covers most of the original apparel brands in China.