“We are glad that PM Modi has brought back old glory” – Namal on Ram Temple

Sri Lankan MP Namal Rajapaksa appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the construction of the Ram Temple and said that it was a great experience to visit the historic place.

He visited the Ayodhya Ram Temple on Friday and said that he felt honoured and blessed to visit the shrine.

Speaking to ANI, Rajapaksa said, “It’s a great feeling to get blessings from Lord Ram in Ayodhya. And I think it’s beautifully done and we are glad that Prime Minister Modi and the Government of India have brought back the old glory and redone the history.”

He said that everyone should visit the Ram Temple not just to seek blessings but also to witness the architectural marvel.

“I think it is a historical temple and it’s good to see that it has got back its old glory thanks to the current government, Prime Minister Modi and his administration. It is something that I think everyone should visit and experience. Not only getting blessed from the Ram Temple but also get that experience and also to witness the architectural marvel that has been carved into the temple,” Rajapaksa said.

The Sri Lankan MP also applauded the strong cultural and religious bond between India and Sri Lanka.

“There is a strong cultural and religious bond between the two nations and which will last for generations and I am sure the Buddhists and Hindus in Sri Lanka and also the Hindu devotees and Buddhists in India will find a lot of similarities in our cultures,” he further said.

The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of Lord Ram was held at 12:29 pm on January 22, with the main rituals performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The idol of Prabhu Shri Ram Lalla was unveiled to devotees across the world after the rituals.

Earlier, on Thursday, a delegation from Fiji, led by Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad, embarked on a spiritual journey to Ayodhya to experience the divinity around the grand abode of Lord Ram.

The delegation, representing the Indian diaspora in Fiji, arrived at Maharshi Valmiki Airport in Ayodhya on Thursday, eager to partake in the religious and cultural significance of the sacred city.

In a media interaction, the Deputy PM of Fiji highlighted the profound connection of Fijian citizens of Indian origin to their roots during the visit to Ayodhya.

A delegation from Suriname also visited Ayodhya, the sacred city known for its cultural and religious heritage.

The delegation, led by Chairman of the National Assembly of Suriname, Marinus Bee, arrived in Ayodhya on Wednesday morning and engaged in spiritual and cultural activities. The delegation offered prayers to the Ram Lalla idol at the Ram Temple.

Source – First India