40 Days for GotaGoGama – As demand for President’s resignation grows

The peaceful Occupy Galle Face protest is on for the 40th day on Wednesday (18) demanding a solution to the problems faced by the people and demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya.

People from various parts of Sri Lanka are at the GotaGoGoama peaceful protest site since last night.

They demand the immediate resignation of the President who has not solved the problems of the people.

Meanwhile, GotaGoGama branches that were established throughout the country in support of the GotaGoGama protest site near the President’s Office in Colombo are still active.

At the same time, a protest was held in front of the GotaGoGama branch in Galle yesterday (17) demanding both the President and the News Prime Minister to step down.

The GotaGoGama Kandy branch is on for the 32nd Day on Wednesday (18).

The Peradeniya University Students’ Union staged a protest at the venue yesterday (17) afternoon with the theme of “Continuing The Struggle”.