Chinese domination in Sri Lanka security threat to India, TN: Congress

Chennai: Congress Legislature Party leader in the Tamil Nadu assembly, K. Selvaperunthagai, has called upon the state government to pass a resolution urging the Centre to provide proper security to the state as China is dominating Sri Lanka.

He said in a statement on Monday that the recent developments relating to the China supported Colombo Port City project were a major security threat to India.

He said the Narendra Modi government has failed in its foreign policy and this has turned into a major security threat to the country.

Selvaperunthagai called upon the state government to urge the Centre to pursue legal action over this Chinese domination and not to allow a Galwan like situation to develop in Tamil Nadu.

The Sri Lankan government had passed the Colombo Port City Economic Commission bill giving complete control of Hambantota port to the Chinese.

There was huge criticism in Sri Lanka that the new law would provide much control to China and that it would affect the sovereignty of the island nation.

The Tamil Nadu Director General of Police had issued an alert to all the 37 district police chiefs over possible protests from ultra Tamil groups including some groups which are supportive of the Tamil Eelam cause.