Govt. websites under attack on victory day: CERT/CC

Three websites including that belonging to the Health Ministry, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing were reportedly hacked this morning by an organisation calling itself the ‘Tamil Eelam Cyber Force’, The Computer Emergency Readiness Team/Co-ordination Centre (CERT/CC) said.

CERT/CC Information Security Engineer, Ravindu Meegasmulla told the Daily Mirror that the attack may have been launched considering the victory Day of May 18, 2009.

Following the cyber attacks, the Tamil Eelam Cyber ​​Force had hoisted the LTTE flag on the websites.

Mr Meegasmulla said the Health Ministry website had been restored and the restoration process of the remaining websites was underway.

“CERT/CC had observed an increase in the number of website defacements during this particular period in the past years as well. Therefore, the CERT/CC had published an announcement requesting to be vigilant of the potential risk of Government Websites being intruded during this period,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Air Force Spokesperson Group Captain Dushan Wijesinghe said the cyberattack was launched in the early hours by LTTE related extremist activist groups.

The Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka (ITSSL), pointed out that the Tamil Eelam Cyber ​​Force (TECF) group that carried out this morning’s cyber attack, had the potential to carry out cyberattacks in the coming days as well.