Killing of Sri Lankan factory worker: JVP condemns act of “religious extremism”

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has condemned the attack on Sri Lankan factory manager Priyantha Kumara, and has invited people of the world to unite against religious extremism.

This was made known through a media release by the JVP today (06).

“As the body of brother Priyantha is brought to Sri Lanka, we must not forget that religious extremism is on the rise. The same is in Sri Lanka. Religious extremism has driven people to the extent that they would commit murder in the name of religion. The brutal assassination of Brother Priyantha shows that our country and the world does not respect humanity. I invite everyone who believes in humanity must step forward against such barbarism,” said JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka.

Dissanayaka added that whilst every religion teaches humanity as a basic concept and peace is taught as a basic of all religions, people believe that one religion is superior to the other and have resorted to killing others in the name of religion.

“We do not condone such brutality, and we would like to discuss religious extremism is Parliament as well. However, due to the current situation in Parliament, this topic discussion cannot be done right now. The government of Pakistan must impose the maximum punishment on these criminals. We must also ensure the protection of all Sri Lankans living in Pakistan. The Government of Sri Lanka has a role to play in this. If the Government of Pakistan is not prepared to ensure the safety of Sri Lankans living in Pakistan, Sri Lankans there should be summoned to Sri Lanka immediately. No Sri Lankan citizen should be subjected to such barbaric killings,” said Dissanayaka.

Dissanayaka went on to say that such religious extremism is also seen in Sri Lanka, reminding people of the April 2019 Easter attacks.

“A large number of people were killed and others became disabled during the 2019 Easter attacks. No Sri Lankan should continue to fall prey to the fanaticism of religious extremism. This also shows that various extremist noises are re-emerging in the country. The Government and citizens of Sri Lanka have a special role to play in defeating and suppressing extremism,” he said.

The statement continues to say that the Priyantha Kumara was well known in his industry for his professionalism and skills, and for him to fall prey to such barbarism was a pity.

“As a party we express our condolences on behalf of Brother Priyantha and take all possible measures to defeat the madness of religious extremism. We also reiterate our call on the Government of Pakistan to impose the maximum punishment to the perpetrators,” Dissanayaka stated.

Additionally, Dissanayaka mentions in the statement that the current situation in Parliament has arose due to the speaker showing partiality towards the Government.

“An explanation should be given regarding the situation that arose in Parliament today (06). The current speaker is extremely partisan. He has proved to be a speaker representing the government. His loyalty, constant thinking about his camp and lack of personality have created a great deal of anarchy in Parliament. A debate in the Committee Stage is required only if a motion is tabled in Parliament by a Member of the Opposition to cut off the Expenditure Head with prior notice, or a motion should be brought that the same head of expenditure should be abolished. Bringing such a resolution from the Opposition has been accepted in accordance with the Standing Orders. If such a motion is not brought, there will be no debate in the Committee Stage. The budget will be passed without debate,” he stated.

He added that without such a resolution, standing orders are being violated, parliamentary traditions and the rights of Members of Parliament are being ignored, and the behavior of the ruling party MP’s have proved to worsen every day.

“When the government fails on all sides, when the government’s frauds and corruption are exposed to the public, when the fertilizer issue is raised in Parliament, when issues such as the gas crisis and rising commodity prices are raised, government MPs are incensed by mudslinging,” said Dissanayaka, adding that the speaker of the house should stop being partial and make decisions independently to protect the dignity and rights of all Members of Parliament.

The JVP leader went on to say that failure to do so would pose a serious threat to the very existence of Parliament and the rights of Members of Parliament, and that the Speaker should immediately revive the role of protecting the rights of all Members of Parliament.

“Buddhism is a non-violent religion based on compassion. Never in history have there been any coercion, aggression or conflict for the spread or embrace of Buddhism. We were proud to be associated with that culture. What has happened today is that under the guise of Buddhism, various groups have come to the fore destroying that unique system of values. Their behavior, their verbal attack is a complete disgrace to Buddhism,” said Dissanayaka in reference to the behavior of the Members of Parliament.

He added that despite such behavior, the President has appointed these Members as heads of Ministries and in leadership roles, thus setting a bad example to the nation.

“The government is sometimes using extremism and other conflict groups to cover up the real issues. It has failed to answer any of the common problems facing the people today. So once again these rulers have the potential to develop old-fashioned extremist and conflicting tendencies. We do not believe that the people will accept the government’s efforts to return to such a state. People have understood what has happened,” said Dissanayaka in conclusion.