President shut the door tight and invites for partying – Surenthiran Spokesperson TELO -TNA

It’s surprising to note while banning diaspora organizations and inviting them to come forward to invest in the country.

Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who is attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, has made amusing statement.

The fact that he welcomes the diaspora Tamil community to invest in Sri Lanka is like locking the door inside and inviting guests to dine. It is amusing to note that the president made statements to the UN Secretary-General that he is inviting diaspora to come forward to invest in Sri Lanka while banning many of the organisations and creating a climate of fear. President has failed to realize that congenial political and administrative environment is essential for investors to come to a country. Investors usually decide on investments by considering these factors first and foremost.

Militarization continues in the state administration. Political problems and human rights issues remain unresolved by the government. The whole country has realized that the internal mechanism cannot bring just solutions for any one belonging to any race, in the country.

To crown it all, political prisoners have been intimidated at gunpoint by the state minister in charge of prisons. Not only has the internal mechanism failed to take legal action and ensure justice, it has also shown that the government is protecting such elements.

In this context, the comments made by the President of Sri Lanka to the UN Secretary General are amusing.

If the government fails to act in good faith with the international community to ensure a lasting political solution, improving human rights issues, justice system, reconciliation and accountability, it will only lead to plunge the entire country into the abyss.

Official Spokesperson TELO
Tamil National Alliance