Sri Lanka teachers and principals to continue strike

The Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Joseph Stalin says that the trade union action of the Teachers’ and Principals’ Trade Union Alliance will continue.

The decision was taken following a discussion held by the trade union officials today (13).

“Obviously, we have decided to continue our trade union action as the Teachers’ and Principals’ Alliance. If our demands are not granted by the 21st we will make a decision whether the Teachers’ and Principals’ unions will go to work when the schools are opened on 21st,” Mr. Stalin said.

He said the teachers’ strike on online teaching is enters 94th day today and the issue could have been resolved sooner if the authorities held the discussions sooner.

“The Cabinet passed the resolution of the Sub-Committee on August 30. How long after this the discussion took place? We continually asked for a discussion. This is due to the delay in giving a meeting,” the trade union leader said.

The discussion held between Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the teachers’ and principals’ trade unions Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s office ended without a solution, according to the trade union representatives.