TNA met German Ambassador for Sri Lanka

The TNA delegates held a meeting with the German Ambassador Excellency Holger Seubert and his deputy Olaf Maichow. This politically important official meeting took place at the Embassey in Colombo on Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 10 am.

It was attended by TNA MPs Selvam Adikalanathan, Vino Noharathalingam, and TELO media spokesperson Surenthiran.

The full implementation of the 13th Amendment proposed in the UN Resolution in an attempt to halt the land grabbing and ethnic dispersal a major issue faced by the Tamil people, Provincial Councils Elections, UN 46/1 Resolution, political solution, Prevention of Terrorism Act, its implications on Tamils, GSP tax concessions, were discussed.

The emphasis on the parties involved in the Tamil cause to voice unanimously, its significance, the steps taken for it, their progress, supporting parties and future moves were also explained by the Tamils side.

This is the most politically significant meeting of the Tamil side with Germany, an international super power, important stake holder in the European Union and in Europe, and a close ally of India lasted for almost an hour.

Surenthiran G
Media Spokesperson TELO
Tamil National Alliance