Turkish naval ship to conduct passage exercise with Sri Lanka Navy

The Turkish Naval Force ship TCG Kinaliada called at the Colombo port on a formal visit on Monday morning (9).

TCG Kinaliada will engage in a passage exercise (PASSEX) with a Sri Lanka Navy ship in Colombo seas before departure on July 11, the Navy said in a statement.

The PASSEX will test cooperation, communication and interoperability between the two navies, including ship maneuvering and procedures.

The 99.5m long ship is manned by 152 crew members and commanded by Serkan Dogan. The crew are expected to visit tourist attractions in the country.

Sri Lanka temporarily halted foreign research ships after India and the United States raised security concerns following the visit of two Chinese research vessels in 14 months. Foreign research ships can still use the island nation’s ports for replenishments and crew changes.

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry said in May, that the country has started to build the capacity of its Navy in handling foreign research vessels during the one-year moratorium.