1,000 Days since Easter Attacks: Cardinal says attacks a conspiracy for political gains

The Head of Sri Lanka’s Catholic Church, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo claimed that certain political leaders, who were well aware of the 2019 Terror Attacks, used it for their political advantage.

He reiterated that the 2019 April 21st Attacks or the Easter Attacks was a conspiracy.

“The 2019 April Attacks may be over. But, today we can see that those in powerful places are attempting to put the entire blame on Muslim Extremists and cover up the truth. However, the truth is now coming out,” he told a gathering while marking 1000 days since the heinous attacks took place.

He said many tried to cover up the truth and they failed to do so.

“God Almighty has started to expose those who are responsible for this. The Parliamentary Select Committee in its findings said that Intelligence that only a few people were privy to, was not shared with relevant parties. The Parliamentary Select Committee on State Intelligence has highlighted serious concerns over this,” he said.

“The Parliamentary Select Committee has also called for further investigations to determine if action was NOT taken on the intel received that claimed that persons with vested interests were attempting to incite fear, uncertainty, and turmoil in the country targeting the elections that were to be held later that year (2019),” he further quoted a report in his address.

His Eminence said it is now even more clear that persons with vested interests had ulterior objectives that they concealed the fact they were aware of the intel and did nothing to save the lives, and also prevented those from taking action to prevent the attacks well.

“Such events will lead to a call for a change in government to control acts of terror by inciting fear among the people. This report suggests that the attacks were used to win votes at the election,” he further added.