Go back to the old electoral system & conduct LG election – Opposition

Parliamentarian JC Alawathuwala says the government should conduct the Local Authorities Election by re-enacting the previous electoral system.

Speaking during the committee stage debate of the 2023 Budget in Parliament, MP Alawathuwala said they are also of the opinion that the number of members in local government bodies is high and the numbers should be reduced.

He said therefore the government can hold the election under the previous electoral system by amending the election laws.

MP Alawathuwala stated that local government election can be held under the preferential voting system since councilors are able to campaign within their constituencies without having to spend large sums of money.

MP JC Alawathuwala noted that it will take a considerable time period to redraw the boundaries of local government bodies which will inevitably result in elections delays.

He said his faction will also support the move to amend the laws and conduct the election under the previous electoral system.

He said without going ahead with the proposed delimitation of local government bodies, the government should take steps to conduct the election and appoint new members to all Municipal and Urban councils as well as Pradeshiya Sabhas.