LSSP to go it alone

The proposal to form an alliance with ‘Sarvajana Balaya’ presented to the Politburo of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party has been rejected.

Arguments against the proposal emphasised the need to strengthen the Party internally amidst internal crises rather than forming political alliances at this time.

As a result, it has been decided to develop the upcoming political programme with a focus on strengthening the LSSP itself.

Proponents of the proposal cited previous collaborations with stakeholders of Sarvajana Balaya under the Uththara Lanka Sabhagaya, as well as the inclusion of Dilith Jayaweera as a new stakeholder. Additionally, the ongoing alliance with the Communist Party of Sri Lanka was highlighted as another strong reason to continue working inclusively.

Therefore, despite the upcoming election environment, the LSSP Politburo has resolved to proceed with its political programme independently as a single party.