Tamils mark Maaveerar Naal in Jaffna today

Tamils commemorated Maaveerar Naal in Jaffna today (27) to remember their relatives and friends who died in the war as members of the LTTE.

Arrangements for the remembrance were made amid disruptions by the military and the police.

At Jaffna University, students paid floral tributes to a newly-painted memorial on November 21.

Thousands of Tamils gathered in eleven LTTE cemeteries, ‘Thuyilum Illam’, and significant places across the Mullaitivu District to mark Maaveerar Naal today.

Flowers were scattered at Nandikadal lagoon at sunrise today by Former Northern Provincial Councillor T. Ravikaran to mark Maaveerar Naal.

“Nandikadal, which has been a silent witness to the atrocities subjected to the Tamil people, contains the tears and blood of our relatives,” Ravikaran said.